"The new, exciting panoply of work by Rinal Parikh offers a visual fortune. Whether seen by viewers of traditional Indian art or by curious explorers from other
continents, her pieces resound with color, line, and motion that delight any eye. She has successfully bridged cultures and added her own unique hand to complete images that fascinate. Although obviously appealing from the first, these are not simple paintings; they ask to be examined time and time again. We can all hope to see much more of this artist's rich imagination so skillfully executed."

- Teresa K.

"My 7- and 4-year old girls loved going to Rinal's Art class! They had fun and came out so proud of their art pieces. I loved them too!
Rinal guides students through the creation of original pieces and allows them to experience, hand- on, different techniques. Total creative fun! I recommended it to all my friends with kids and they loved it."

- Cristina M., mom of Mila and Eva

"I am a beginner art class student, and was pleased to be included in Rinal's watercolor classes at the Dew Drop Inn in Swarthmore. Rinal is an excellent teacher and provided great wisdom and encouragement with each class. I look forward each week to attending her class."

- Nancy LaS.

"When I first saw Rinal's watercolor work, I was amazed by the beauty and boldness of her art. I had not known that so many different effects could be achieved with this one medium, and I particularly admired the boldness of her colors and the detail and precision found in many of her pictures. I have taken Rinal's class over the past several months, and have thoroughly enjoyed each session! The students possess a wide range of experience and natural talent, but Rinal is so supportive and relaxed in her approach toward teaching, that even those of us with little natural ability have loved learning the techniques and finding out what we may produce! The atmosphere has been warm, friendly and fun - with much laughter but also a lot of learning and experimenting. I believe that each of Rinal's students has achieved work of which they feel quite proud! Rinal's enthusiasm has been contagious, and I think that we all feel very fortunate to have been a part of her class."

- Carol O'D.

"I have had so much fun in Rinal's watercolor painting class. I always liked watercolor and was glad to have the opportunity to find out more about the medium. Her step-by-step approach leads the student through basic concepts and techniques, demonstrating how they work together to create a complete work. You DO complete it, with her encouragement and coaching."

- Marianne K.R.